Pattern modified to have two straps instead of the one "sling" style (Can also me made in that manner as well).


Many colour options for both leather and thread are available and the price may differ should you decide to have a custom piece crafted for you made from atypical leather (I am willing to use any leather options I have accessible). A custom link for purchase will be created if it is a non standard backpack choice, and there may be a fluxuation in production time as needed to procure necessary raw components.


Production time is approximately 5-6 weeks as this entire creation is entirely hand crafted.


The backpack shown is available, and is a combination of chrome tanned soft leather (the blue) and unfinished vegetable tanned leather (meaning, nothing has been done to it, no wax, sealer or dyes have been added) and will age naturally.


Current turnaround is approximately 4-6 weeks, depending on queue. Production time is estimated, and may vary if customized materials or colours are requested.


Made in the US by Red Stick Studio, and is made from a pattern crafted by Dieselpunkro

Leather Backpack, Engineer Class Sling Bag / Crossbody Bag

$324.95 Regular Price
$309.95Sale Price