Glitter Cat Mask by Red Stick Studio

  • Unique hand finish on a thick comfortable molded cat mask. Blend of glitter within finish will cause each mask to vary slightly, however the same material is used (suspended glitter in Acrylic varnish) and is very sparkly and shiny) on each. Masks are crated with an open size in mind, as a ribbon keeps them securely on the face.

    This is finished by hand, from preparing the mask to the final sealing and checks to ensure a sparkly yet durable finished piece. Some variations will occur during the creation due to the blend of "variety" glitter used within the suspension. The photos shown are examples typical of the completion process discussed, and as a reminder between monitors colours may vary slightly.

    Custom colours and ribbon options are available, however it may extend production time in order to secure specific requests.

    Handcrafted in the USA by Maggy, of Red Stick Studio

    Due to the unique nature of materials used, there will be some small imperfections and differences between completed items. It is the nature of the material, and unless stated otherwise item in photos is the one you will receive upon purchase. Items are non returnable, verify sizing prior to purchase.